Happy Birthday Multi-Networking Business Community: celebrating 1 year on Meetup

Happy birthday Multi-Networking Business Community: celebrating 1 year on Meetup

In the last year Meetup became really well-known and used: but what it exactly is?

It is a social network useful to ease meetings between groups of people, linked by common interests all around the world. Just to list some of the most popular topics: from art museums, to accounting, from outdoor fitness to make up and detoxification, from dog to feng shui, and so on.

To start using it is really easy: go on official website, subscribe filling out your data and the place where you live and your interests, find communities closer to you, physically but not only.

Meetup helps you to know people with the same hobbies and it is really useful to create event too; meet other local small business owners, create your network, find new customers, get advices and avoid costly mistakes. Hear how others have overcome hurdles and achieved success. Meetup reveal a very good instrument for business: on September 2nd Centre O Connect is proud of celebrating one tear using it to open its events to other people and reach a big share of market. With more than 1500 connectors in the 1st year we are still looking to grow our Multi-Networking Business Community more and more. New field of business, new way of doing it and new ideas can improve business of everyone would like to start a new activity.

We are working daily to expand our network and we aim to double our connector in the next year.  On Meetup we recommend our two key events (see the link):

Both events aim at give assistance and consultancy to new entrepreneurs and to people who are starting their new adventure in Hong Kong; for FREE you can have some professional advices and learn great tips, and meet with other like-minded people. They are two big resources for foreigners who don’t know from where to start their start-up businesses.

Don’t forget to bring a few name cards with you!

We would like to thank all our connectors for all the energy that you have brought.

It brings us joy to have had the privilege of witnessing the beginning of so many wonderful business relationship. Thank you all for joining our Meetup group! For us, it is important that everyone being happy: connectors and organizing team.

Stay tuned for our future networking events coming out in the following months on our MeetUp Page!!!!

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