New Companies Ordinances P.4: Changes to Delivery of Documents, Meetings and Charges

Delivery of Documents: If the Registrar of Companies (the Registrar) has not received a document, the document will be regarded as not having been delivered to the Registrar in satisfaction of the provisions of the new CO.


General Meetings: Companies may dispense with the holding of AGMs by unanimous shareholders’ consent. AGMs should be held with reference to the accounting reference period,  and a general meeting can be held at more than one location by using any technology.

Charges: A certified copy of the instrument creating or evidencing a charge or a certified copy of any instrument evidencing satisfaction or release of a charge is required to be delivered with the relevant specified form to the Registrar for registration, and the time for registration of a charge has changed to one month. The instrument and the specified form will both be filed and made available for public inspection, as well as certified copies of the instrument will not be returned to presenters after registration.

Note that a copy of an instrument is a certified copy if it is certified as a true copy by a director or company secretary or a person authorised by the company or by any other person interested in the charge.

(Changes will be effective on 3rd March 2014)

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